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How Do Enroll?

In Person GED Preparation:
Step 1: Email to set up an appointment.  Appointments are available Monday through Thursday from 9 - 12pm.

Step 2: Come in for your appointment, fill out enrollment paperwork, and take the intake test called The Test of Adult Basic Education.  

Step 3: Meet with our Director, Adele Craft, to go over your test scores and create a learning plan.  The test scores inform whether or not you are GED ready.

Step 4:  If you are GED Ready, we will help you schedule your practice GED tests and then your official GED Tests.  We give the GED at our site!  If you need to brush up your skills, we provide free one on one tutoring and give you books to study.  The more effort you put in, the quicker you will get your GED!

Step 5: Start your journey towards obtaining your GED!

Distance Learning: 
In order to participate in online learning and distance education, you must first come in to our location to fill out enrollment paperwork and complete intake testing.  Once you complete your testing and enrollment, our instructors will email your log in instructions.

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